UAV CRPA antenna

UAV CRPA antenna

The Controlled radiation Pattern Array Antenna (CRPA) has been developed for UASs  where there is a requirement to provide a rock solid and high quality signal in a small form factor. This is a multi-element antenna, which when used with the Pixhawk autopilot, forms a  directional beam towards the Ground station nulling radiation in all other directions. An embedded processing unit MCU running the beam forming algorithms at a rate of 100Hz, steers and locks the beam to the ground station, regardless of the UAV position and orientation.

This technique alone increases the efficiency of the antenna by a factor of 75% and when combined with the CRPA antenna peak gain


of 6dBi (4 dB on top of the standard 2.1 dBi omni antennas) it radiates 3 times the radiation power of any existing type of omnidirectional antenna. This results in a rock solid telemetry and video data link even at very long ranges.

Due to the directional nature of the beam, interference and jamming from external sources is minimized. With a size as small as 0.5”x1” the CRPA antenna requires a free Pixhawk servo or AUX port to operate. The CRPA antenna frequency is available now for 5.8GHz transceivers. Other frequency ranges are scheduled for production within the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2015.

high quality signal in a small form factor

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