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NEMESiS Joint Fires Software Package

NEMESiS JFS primary use is to generate high accuracy targeting information and transmit this information wirelessly over very long ranges to land, sea and airborne assets for engaging these targets. NEMESiS detects, identifies, tracks and interpolates friendly, unknown or hostile moving targets on its 3D mapping environment. Applications include digitally aided close air support, sniper systems, and search and rescue operations, unmanned aerial vehicles command and control. It’s a network centric application that gives the ability to observe, analyze and rapidly respond to dynamically changing tactical situations. The system allows for unprecedented situational awareness and precise targeting information. NEMESiS Joint Fires is fielded with the NATO Forward Air Controllers.


Vectronix AG’s line of handheld optical day/night laser range finders and positioning systems allow for extremely accurate location of friendly, unknown and hostile/subjects. When combined with the NEMESiS network, the mission/operational awareness is enhanced.


Dallas, Texas October 31, 2013 – “We are proud to work with Vectronix AG and integrate their line of truly remarkable location and targeting devices into a powerful yet user friendly software suite to enhance mission effectiveness.” John Robinson, President and CEO G2 Associates LLC.


G2 Associates, LLC is a company specialized in custom development items in the field of communications, security, surveillance and targeting systems for commercial and government entities. We leverage “Smart Phone/Tablet” technologies to the maximum extent possible giving our products advanced yet customized capabilities as well as inherent familiarity to the user.

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